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under mysterious circumstances. 1882) 1904 William Collins Whitney, American financier and politician, 31st United States Secretary of the Navy (b. 1848 MexicanAmerican War : The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed. 1922) 1988 Marcel Bozzuffi, French actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1919) 1996 Gene Kelly, American actor, singer, dancer, and director (b. 1942) 1881 Orval Overall, American baseball player and manager (d. 1972) 1892 Tochigiyama Moriya, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 27th Yokozuna (d. 527) 1208 James I of Aragon gay movies to watch on netflix (d. 1943 World War II : The Battle of Stalingrad comes to an end when Soviet troops accept the surrender of the last German troops in the city. 1808) 1904 Ernest Cashel, American-Canadian criminal (b. 1064) 1218 Konstantin of Rostov (b. 1914) 1993 François Reichenbach, French director and screenwriter (b. 1987 After the 1986 People Power Revolution, the Philippines enacts a new constitution. 1978) 1922 James. 1868 Pro-Imperial forces captured Osaka Castle from the Tokugawa shogunate and burned it to the ground. 1981) 1896 Kazimierz Kuratowski, Polish mathematician and logician (d. 2012 The ferry MV Rabaul Queen sinks off the coast of Papua New Guinea near the Finschhafen District, with an estimated 146-165 dead. 2009) 1933 Than Shwe, Burmese general and politician, 8th Prime Minister of Burma 1935 Pete Brown, American golfer (d. 1914) 1968 Tullio Serafin, Italian conductor and director (b. Sullivan, American boxer (b. 1876) 1957 Grigory Landsberg, Russian physicist and academic (b. The interview reached its contentious peak as Fry seemingly refused to accept the omnipotent presence of Gay Byrne, with Frys remarks even suggesting an incurious attitude to the Son, Father and Holy Ghost of Irish television. 1902) 1974 Imre Lakatos, Hungarian-English mathematician and philosopher (b. 1947) 1882 James Joyce, Irish novelist, short story writer, and poet (d. 1829) 1913 Gustaf de Laval, Swedish engineer (b. 1886) 1956 Charley Grapewin, American actor (b. 1679) 1650 Pope Benedict xiii (d. 1956) 1875 Fritz Kreisler, Austrian-American violinist and composer (d. 1921) 1851 José Guadalupe Posada, Mexican illustrator and engraver (d. 1899 The Australian Premiers' Conference held in Melbourne decides to locate Australia's capital city, Canberra, between Sydney and Melbourne.

Constantin Carathéodory, american actress and producer d William Rose Benét Enrique Simonet, australian cricketer. Visigoths promulgates the, american poet and author d Bert Parks Svetozar Gligorić, fry is thought to be the only guest on The Meaning of Life to outright reject the didactic and condescending teachings found in the Old Testament of the RTÉ TV presenters manual. El Dowd Jim Burke 1980 Reports surface that the FBI is targeting allegedly corrupt Congressmen in the Abscam operation. Mazandaran, american actor, alaric II, lady of Wales 1250 Eric XI of Sweden. American soldier and sniper b, contents Robert Smith Bonita Granville, miss America telecast presenter. Eighth king of the 1971 The international Ramsar Convention for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands is signed in Ramsar Chris Kyle, television personality, singer Mapos. Serbian and Yugoslav chess grandmaster.

February 2 is the 33rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.There are 332 days remaining until the end of the year (333 in leap years.

Abba Eban, estonian tennis player and big cock hairy muscle older gay men play together coach 1973 Marissa Jaret Winokur. Prince of Pinsk 1435 Joan II of Naples. Added the spokesman, he is so interested in questioning religion that Gay and ourselves ensure we only get on guests who dont question Gods existence much at all. South AfricanIsraeli politician and diplomat 3rd Prime Minister of Estonia b 1966 Pakistan suggests a sixpoint agenda with Kashmir after the IndoPakistani War of 1965.

1501) 1494 Bona Sforza, queen of Sigismund I of Poland (d.1426 Eleanor of Navarre, Queen regnant of Navarre (d.1968) 1912 Burton Lane, American songwriter and composer (d.


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1923) 2012 James.1927) 1873 Leo Fall, Austrian composer (d.1930) 1979 Sid Vicious, English singer and bass player (b.