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next hair-brained scheme to keep him amused. She and Susan have a cold relationship, and are locked in a constant psychological battle. He also tried to scam Ben for money after Ben ran over this dog. Roger, who becomes a main character in the fourth series, is a dentist and the son of Ben's former mentor. He looks down on his family, thinking he is more sensible than the rest of them put together, and often ends up getting them out of trouble. He appears again in the 2009 Christmas special, played by Nathaniel Parker. She was known for her unique way of thinking and living, and often tried to offer Ben and his patients spiritual guidance. 3 My Family features several recurring characters. The show chronicles the lives of the Harpers, a fictional middle-class British family who live at 78 Lancaster Road, Chiswick, London. 9 Zoë Wanamaker said in 2007 that she was no longer happy with the quality of the writing, claiming she and co-star Robert Lindsay even refused facesit to film one episode because it was so poor. He once suspected that Susan was an escort and that Ben had a mistress. In the eighth series, love is in the air in the Harper house. It is unknown if they kept in touch. Citation needed The main characters in My Family are parents Ben and Susan Harper. This is a homage to Butterflies, in which the male lead is also a dentist called Ben and the rest of the family often have to sneak the food she has prepared into the bin without her noticing. Is Adultery a Crime? Her own late mother, Mary, owned a highly-successful brothel in London's West End. Janey later goes to University, but drops out and moves back in later, while Nick finally gets his own place. Christmas specials broadcast from 2002 onwards. Susan is back to her career and in classic Harper style, she's going after her boss from day one! Must Sexual Relations Be Involved to Qualify as Adultery?

Grandson of Ben and Susan and nephew of Michael and Nick. With punishments ranging from a 10 fine to three years in prison. And Susan, in the seventh series, the production company.

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In the sixth series, and Michael moves from scam to scam with alarming ease. Chloe Bale portrays Sasha, including the first episode together up only gay istrue until the 2004 Christmas Special. S Penny Croft, political anti gay there are still approximately 20 states in the 5 Keiron Self 200211 portrays Roger Bailey. Whether that means starring as Jesus in the local nativity play or dressing up as a drag queen.


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Ben isn't a bad man; behind his sardonic exterior he does really love his family and has to put up with being bossed about and manipulated by his wife Susan and continually fleeced for money by his children.Michigan, appeals Court, for example, ruled that adultery committed under circumstances involving any other felony is punishable by a sentence of up to life imprisonment.Naturally the peace is not to last!