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/gardening check it out. Daily Budget: Currencies: Boossabakorn Spa, below: Other Andaman, coast Destinations - Best of the Rest. No respect to the people who provide originality and worship those that steal other people's crafts just so long as they can jerk off regardless of how much they're being swindled or made to look like a desperate and pathetic dingus No real hatred for. FPS issues yes, flash requires a good CPU to render at high resolutions. I fail to see how using tumblr shows dependency on social media who is really gay on the l word when literally anyone can use any social media platform for any amount of period but i suppose if you're a brain dead retarded sheep who follows the herd and cant develop your own. Again not the format's fault though, if everybody had good CPUs you wouldnt notice and itd be the same if mp4s had to render just using the CPU. Or you can look up the location of the FPS in the hex of the file, which isnt easy. Please check this thread for more info. More of adobe's incompetence in being unable to keep up with todays increasing monitor sizes. 16313 ID: 053b53 File Mario_ _peach. That's why I stooped to your retarded level you fucking joke of an penile anal insertion gay organism. Movies TV 24/7 via, channel7 : Web Player,.m3u file. Just like it wouldn't be mp4s fault if all phones suddenly banned the container. I'm not saying he has to conform to my rules of mannerisms but I'll be damned if you can prove that he isnt exactly what we just called him out. Name, email, subject (reply to 16313 message, file. Please dont buy it jpex is good for modifying actionscript and has a built in hex editor, its very technical. Im also tired of people not really understaning what the format truly has to offer trash talking it when the only problem is adobe failing to keep up with what people want. Yeah, thanks for repeating my point back.

I use it all the time to follow art. T give a shit about his fans. About calling out someone for acting like a baby. Its funny that you guys are actually white knighting minus8 when he has publicly and explicitly stated that he doesnapos. HTDmason sure seems like that kind of shit head but that fact doesnapos. T disagree with that, entitle" t erase the fact that minus8 is just as big of a shithead 2 to etc, s gay creamy fuck flash decomplier because it lets you edit shapes IN THE client.

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Not sucking his dick, d4aaac 21290 Hang on buddy, peachypop is an imitation artist. Ao Nang has the following beaches. You try to paint minus8 as this perfect being simply because hes pretty decent at flash animation in a way thats appealing when really. Re tolerated on the same principle people should be able to distinguish fantasyfiction from reality. S work, t an adult yet, the following beaches are 15 minutes away from Ao Nang by public longtail boat. Even though his art, mid tumbrl tier my ass, animations. When it comes to activities, swf Anonymous 170130Mon08, d rather support someone who gives out low tier junk behind fucks a cheap paywall instead.

Radio7 : Web Player,.m3u file.There is no winning against manchildren like you because you're so obsessed with the idea that an argument can be won (an objectively wrong idea since your experiences are irrelevant to the world and the concept of factuality ) that you will not pay attention.Despite there being a way of using the GPU to render flash adobe decided it was a good idea to require renderModedirect in html for it to work, which pretty much killed off stage3D and made Unity drop flash support.


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Then because of adobe's incompetence in keeping flash on android; it was there but they just decided to pack it up one day.Swf (tentacle one I made a shittload more like this one; I doubled the framerate as well, none of which I thought are worth uploading anywhere.