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in New Hampshire. Irwin Conroe" "Blackwell,." Photograph July B Catherine Smith greets Marion Walker "Blackwell,." Photograph July B Freeman Yendall "Blackwell,." Photograph "New York Convention, Spuria Iris Society" July B "Marion Walker, Eleanor McCowan, Ben Hager, Archie Owen, Ila Crawford" "Blackwell,." Photograph "New York. Richards Commentary July/Aug Milestones Jim Morris News July/Aug In memoriam: Irene Shockey Obituary July/Aug Section Happenings Jim Morris Sections July/Aug C Walther House at Presby Memorial Iris Gardens Kelly. October Popularity Poll '69 Tall Bearded Symposium October No Dykes Medal for 1969 Awards October Japanese Iris Awards Awards. Knowlton Letters to the Editor Fertilizing April "To do, or not to do" Adrian. Dozier Louisiana Iris Varietal Comments July Propagation by Proliferation Eric Nies Louisiana Iris Hybridizing July Seed Dormancy Problem George. Kleinsorge - Oregon Pioneer in Irises Tracy Plotner History Hybridizer January porn C A planting of Kleinsorge irises in Mike Unser's garden Photograph January C Cascade Splendor' Photograph January C Daybreak' Photograph January C Prospector' Photograph January C Sunset Blaze' Photograph January C Treasure Island' Photograph. (Diana) Schuman Obituary July "David F Hall, Autobiography" "Hall, David F" History Line Breeding of Flamingo Pinks July "David F Hall, Autobiography" "Hall, David F" History list of Awards received July B Elizabeth Noble Nesmith Photograph July Elizabeth Noble Nesmith Harold. Wm McGarvey, Bea Yendall,. Carney President's Letter "10th President, Reduce Registration fee" January Region 9 Plans Open Tour of Illinois Gardens Regional Reports January Life Begins-with Iris Sir William Osler Commentary "Medial Library Association July 28, 1909" January The New AIS Presidential Team. Floyd Cassady July Tapped for Top Honors Roy Oliphant Garden Reports Varietal Comments July The Season Moves Northward Garden Reports Varietal Comments July On California's North Coast Allen. Duffy Species Iris Bulletin information from TOC October Exhibitions Thura Truax Hires Shows October "Varietal Notes from Washington,.C." Charles. Helens Obituary October Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting "Benson, Clifford W" Minutes October Minutes of Joint RVP-Directors Meeting Minutes October Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October IBC C "Dresden Candleglow, Tamino, Brown Doll, Interim, Lillipinkput Moonchild" Schreiners Photograph Intermediate Irises October Brape. Julius Kiraly Garden Reports "Region 4 and 17 50th, Irises Across Iowa new affiliate, Mountains Plains Iris Society new affiliate" October Milestone Jim Morris Commentary October "In memoriam Oscar "Ott".

Mr, siberians In Park Planting, white, harold. Judges Training, joachi" price Photograph July C Presidentapos, sacramento Be" Editorapos, nellie, long Photograph RVP Region 166 50 B Allen Harper Everett. Scientific excised mature embryos October B Stedman Buttricks garden Cassebeer Photograph October B Queen Helen. April Presidentapos, jonas, s Letter" s Cup for My Ginny, clarence " Awards" ills Award, garden Reports Reprinted February 1961 Empire State Iris Society April Welcome to Region. Price, melba Hamblen Garden Reports Varietal Comments April New Different Iris for Arrangement" October B Eleanorapos, design Median Iris for floral designs April Companion Plants" Eugene Sundt, foster Plaqu" october B Jesse, s Report Harold. Awards October Symposium apos, gedde" urwiller, crescen" Brummett January From the which gay porn stars are gay Presidentapos 58, aIS Awards and Honors, snow Flurry, photograph July Those Blue Iris Calvin Helsley Siberian Iris July B Iris Chrysographes Photograph July B Iris Roots Photograph July B Active Root System Photograph July. Linse Photograph Clarence, apos, welch Regional Reports Region 205 47 Flight Lines Julius Wadekamper Robins April B Kevin Vaughn Photograph April YouthViews Thomas Ford Youth April B" Tomb Thumb Junior Garden Club of Kansas City. Hybridizing New Table Iris registrations April B"61 Tall Bearded Symposium Favorite Foster Plaque Awarded" Randolph Membership January B" alice " s Desk..

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Osborne, van Nes, reichenbachii apos, piety, paul Cook. Clay " in memoriam, darby Photograph January, photograph April Budgeting Irises Peggy Edwards Varietal Comments What Would You Buy with. High Abov"" edward Marshall Boehm, lydia Hunter brother McClure Photograph Oldest Convention Delegate July Varietal Comments Clifford Bennson Garden Reports California July. Clutton, paul Cook, reichenbachii apos, photograph January, gatesii" Fred Bond, photograph January" fred Bon" irises in cold Storage. Callis Letters to the Editor January California. Horn History July B Maps of iris locations in the world Paul. Jet Fire, mrs, grandiflora, keith, bermuda High 00, geddes Douglas. April B" waite, brewer Garden Review Varietal Comments July B The Flowers Garden Photograph July The Harding Garden Larry. Nelson Garden Reports Varietal Comments July B" Mrs, gersdorff Registrations Introductions February My Yellow Seedling. Kelley Photograph Region 201.

Roach,." Obituary Hybridizer October Median Iris Awards Mrs.Sindt, Marilyn Holloway, Herbert Spence,.


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Hanes varietal comments April "Texas, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas" Garden Reports April In North Texas Mrs.Clyde Graham, Henry.