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weeks in total out of the last three months of the year. VG: I read that you were an overweight WoW Slob when you were younger, while today you are a fit and good-looking man. If youre super tired by the end of the day, you will probably make shitty decisions. Its a really quick and simple exercise, as I write down 3 things every morning that I am grateful for, aswell as 3 things I will do to make that day great. Given the three of them played poker and studied together in the same Estonian base, I ask Jørstad to share his viewpoint on the bitB bel ami gay free Staking Office Instagram picture furore. Antonopoulos, Pastakeda Photography, Joey Ingram, Adam Plowden Video, BluffTheSpot, LindasCreative, Habitat, The Points Guy, Nomadic Matt, Skydive Las Vegas, Jonah Vella, Photography by petra, Mybid, Steinkjermartnan, bitB Staking, Djarii, Work-Work, bluff europe magazine, Fiona på pokerloffen, Portomaso Casino, Pearl Beach Malta, Alan W - Hotted. I thought that this festival would have been much tougher than the Battle of Malta. For sure, if we have a deep run we rail each other, but its never like, Yes you should do this or that.

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Especially being able to make many decisions quickly in WC3 transferred nicely to multitabling poker online. In my opinion it is one of the best cash game streams out there. I move into the rapid fire round. Logically, does Jørstad get envious of other peoples success. I know I should be doing. I was attacking it from an uncomfortable place when it comes to vlogging. EUJ, but I have a really hard time d oing it consistently. I sent them a short email including my biography shocking and my plans for streaming etc. I was socially very awkward, vG, and he quickly became a member of a staking group. You won Rising Star at the Spirit of Poker Awards here.

The latest Tweets from, espen Uhlen Jørstad UhlenPoker)[email protected] ambassador /J7ckyhpdsl Idiot from Northern Europe.

You recently moved from sunny Malta to freezing Tallinn. I think the main two skills were simon huck gay logical problem solving and making a lot of decisions in a short amount of time. The pleasure of exercise must outweigh the joy of sitting on his butt playing video games. I put it to Jørstad that today. You see some geniuses who basically never even study.


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One Year, One Million where the three players would attempt to win a million in 12-months playing poker, and trading in cryptocurrency.I just knew how it felt to eat frozen pizza, drink Pepsi Max and play World of Warcraft.